Hannah Ferber is a Composer and Singer/Songwriter known for her unique vocal character, excellent lyric writing chops, and pop sensibilities.

After earning her bachelor's degree from Berklee College of Music, Hannah followed the warmer weather and an offer of vocal session work to Los Angeles. Since then, she has had the opportunity to sing for companies big and small, most notably singing on multiple national Japanese commercials.


Hannah composes for Megatrax Production Music, Clearwave and MPATH, recently contributing to MPATH's award winning Phenomenal Women Vol. 6 album with the track "Gotta Move" (Broadcast Production Awards Best Overall Production Music Album of the Year June 2020). Her group, Hannah & The Engineers has an album out now through A-List Records and Universal Production music.



Lucas Fackler is a Los Angeles based audio engineer, music producer, composer and songwriter. Lucas is known for his musical ear and ability to think two steps ahead in high pressure situations.


Since relocating to California in 2006 to study at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Lucas now has well over a decade of professional experience under his belt. As an engineer, he has had the pleasure to work in studios such as Capitol, NRG, East West, and Ocean Way among others, recording everything from orchestral scores and jazz trios to pop and rock artists.


Lucas is currently signed to A-List Records with groups Hannah and the Engineers and The Won't as well as composing for Megatrax Music, MPath, and Clearwave. Lucas has a retro electronic album due for release winter 2020 with MPATH.