about sound content

Production Music, Custom Tracks, Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Sound Content was created by Hannah Ferber and Lucas Fackler. Both talented musicians, they bring a high level of experience and skill to their compositions. With Lucas' thirteen years experience as both a recording and mixing engineer, and Hannah’s ten plus years as a session vocalist and songwriter, together they make a powerful songwriting and production duo. 

The two began their musical journey together in 2009 when they met at a recording session for Hannah's first EP. They quickly hit it off and began working together shortly after, and the rest is history!  Since then, they have created countless compositions together, specializing in pop music with an electronic flair and a bit of extra character.

Together, they provide a one stop solution, writing and performing everything in house as well as mixing and mastering in their private home studio. Have a look through a selection of some of our favorite compositions below and get in touch for licensing or to get started on your custom project!